Avoid Stockouts and Overstocks

If you sell on Amazon, you know how painful inventory management can be. Maximimize your profit is dependent on how quickly you can react to sales spikes, listings being shut down, and other outlier events that break inventory forecasting models.


Stockthru was created by 8 figure Amazon sellers to make inventory management simple enough for virtual assistants or entry level employees. Check out our demo and judge for yourself!

Tracking By Product SKU

Monitor each product by SKU and get re-stock projections that are accurate based upon your current sales velocity.  No more guessing games!

Calculate Opportunity Cost

How much are you currently loosing by running out of stock of your products?  Are you using Amazon or other online marketplaces and lose money when you sell out or sell through inventory fast?  Stockthru will help you know what you are losing so you can work with your team and improve. 

Team Collaboration Made Easy

Access your inventory data anywhere anytime so your sourcing team, sales team and fulfillment team are all on the same page and can work to keep your best selling products in stock, available for customers and send in replenishment orders for Amazon and other marketplaces. 

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• Up to 100 Orders

• Track up to 1 SKU

• Monitor sell-through rates 

• Indicate re-order points

• Calculate lost revenue due to stockouts

• Daily tracking solution

• Team collaboration = unlimited users can log into view tracking

• Product info & Image 

• Easy to view format for your entire team. 

• View on a mobile device or desktop. 


In addition to all starter features: 

• Up to 1000 orders

• Monitor up to 50 SKU's

• Amazon and marketplace tracking

• Customizable data columns

• Real time updates

• Set custom re-order dates based on sourcing timelines

• Restock alerts for Amazon and other marketplaces based upon sell through.


In addition to starter and small business solutions: 

• Unlimited Orders

• Track and monitor unlimited SKU's

• Customizable data and brand views for more complicated tracking. 

• Track and monitor multiple brands

• Coaching for team members on how to best use Stockthru and inventory planning to maximize opportunites.  

Contact us today for a demo and see how brands and agencies are using Stockthru to save thousands of dollars per month. 

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